17 December 2010

A Trip to Aquaria (part 2)

After walking through the Suria KLCC, at last we were at the Aquaria. I bought the tickets while the others were waiting at the waiting area and watched the video played. We got two Santa Clause snow cap for the boys and two antlers for the girls for free. That makes Hajar and Huda looked like two walking deer in the Aquaria.

Everybody was excited watching the creatures inside. It’s not just fish but also other animals that live in the water and various types of reptiles and amphibians. There were also the animals that can disguise such as spider and frog. Snakes also there…eeee…

We had a lunch outside the Aquaria. Then, we prayed at the prayer room nearby. Still inside the same building. Thurayya was not very comfortable. She started to cry as she was tired and also sleepy. We had to go back early. You know what? We had to go through the same route we came. That was so far away and this time we had to walk fast. We were exhausted, but we had to go on.

At Putra LRT station, we crossed the road to the Masjid Jamek station. After crossing the road, I thought we were at the wrong station. So, I asked them to cross the road again. But at the LRT station, I realized that we were actually at the correct place. Then, we crossed the road again for the third time. What a trip! (Sorry guys, I got confused…hehe…)

We had to wait for the train for quiet sometime. 2 – 3 trains passed by, but not ours. Thurayya cried out loud as she was so sleepy but couldn’t sleep. Finally, the train arrived and we got on to it. On the way, Thurayya slept safe and sound as soon as the train moved. We reached home at 5 in the evening, tired but satisfied. Mission accomplished.

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