15 December 2010

Nasi Lemak oh Nasi Lemak

Last Sunday night, mom, abah, Una, Dayah, Fadil and Zaid went to the mosque to attend a Maal Hijrah talk. They went before maghrib. I wanted to go, but Thurayya might get sleepy and I need to cater her. It's a bit difficult to deal with if I went to the mosque. 

So, me, my kids, Aman and Irah stayed. Irah was very lazy (hehe.. Irah got the blame) to cook so we just ate what we had for lunch. In fact, only Huda ate the dinner. The others didn't really have the appetite to eat. Actually Aman wanted to go out by the car but he didn't tell abah. We waited and thought they were coming back after Isya', I mean right after they have finished the pray.  However, until 9.30 they still didn't show up. Aman was a bit frustrated, but still got the patience. His friends called a few time asking whether he's coming or not.

Eventually, they came home at 10 something with two boxes of food and drinks containing (you know what?) Some nasi lemak and a few bottles of mineral water. Luckily we haven't eaten yet. So, we opened up the box. Oh my... more than 10 packets of nasi lemak with all sorts of sambal. We got sambal udang, sambal sotong, sambal bawang, sambal bilis, sambal in small plastic and so on...then we also had bihun. We ate nasi lemak for our dinner or supper rather coz it's already 10 o'clock at night.


  1. sebenanye dh agk dh abah msti bwk balek makanan punyelah , tu yang x rajin nak msk tu , bukan malas . haha .

  2. irah alasan ! padahal mmng malas pon..