16 December 2010

A Trip to Aquaria (part 1)

I’ve planned to bring my daughters, brothers and sisters to Aquaria since two days ago. Finally the time has came. Actually, I wanted to bring them there since the first time I saw an article about the place. It just happened after a few years I guess.

We got ready early and departed at 9.30. Mom went to school, Aman went to work as usual and abah wanted to use the car coz he wanted to go to a funeral. So we only had one car with 10 people to ride in. Me, my husband, Hajar, Huda, Thurayya, Irah, Una, Dayah Fadil and Zaid. Imagine the 10 of us in myVi. It’s just for a few minutes before we arrived at Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT station.

I purposely asked them to ride the LRT coz I want them to experience travelling by train. Especially for my daughters. They’ve been asking to ride the train long time ago. It started when they saw the advert about komuter on tv. So, this is the time to let them feel the experience.

As soon as we arrived at the station, I checked the route to KLCC. Then I asked Irah to buy the tickets since I had to hold Thurayya coz she was sleeping. After buying the tickets then I asked the officer at the counter about the interchange station whether to change at the KL Sentral or Masjid Jamek. She said it’s easier to change at Masjid Jamek. Then we decided to take the train to Masjid Jamek.

Once we arrived at Masjid Jamek, we had to take Putra LRT. The station is across the road. Therefore we had to cross the busy road of Jalan TAR into Jalan Masjid India. With three small kids and the other five brothers and sisters behind me we had to walk fast as it happened to drizzle.

At the station we had to go down another stairs with the escalator to the underground. We took the Kelana Jaya line to KLCC. In the train, everybody was like horrified coz it was cold and dark outside plus the train was so fast that we could hear the sound of the rail. Finally we arrived at about 11.30 a.m. What a relief… (not yet actually, coz we had to walk for another several km to arrive at the Aquaria).


  1. bole dpt a karangan nih
    haha.....mmng best tapi penad

  2. kaknor ,how was the rest of the story ? xsabar nak bace lgy :)

  3. mane kakno ni ? dah rndu ni . .