10 December 2010


Sooo sleepy... couldn't stand anymore. Last night, I slept all around the house (what?) weird haa... After praying maghrib together with mom and my sisters, (abah went to fetch Aman and he drove his car... hmmm) I lied down on the praying mat. I couldn't get up.

Then Hajar wanted to recite Al-Quran. So, I got up and sat. After a while I continued to sleep, still at the same location. Thurayya cried. I got up again and sat on the sofa. I hold her for a while and continued to sleep.

Isya' came and I couldn't even pray together with the others. Too sleepy that I barely open my eyes. Later, Hajar asked to sleep in the room with her. I went to the room and slept on the bed.

Suddenly, Thurayya came and let me out of the room. I put her in the craddle and continued to sleep on the mattress on the floor. Luckily she didn't ask for milk, otherwise I might end up sleep on the floor in the kitchen.

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