10 December 2010

Syabas -> PPDHL -> Tesco

After two hours sleeping, I got up at 6.30 in the morning. Still sleepy, but I have to pray. Then I have to get ready to go to Kajang. Mom wanted to go to PPD and nobody else was available to drive her there. I planned to bring my daughters along but abah insisted to left them at home. He convinced that my sisters can take care of them. I hope so, let see how they handle Thurayya once she cries.

Mom went to school for a while to settle a few things. Then, we forgot to inform Aman that we want to use the car. 8.00 o'clock, he was off to work with the car... oh no, we had no transport. Luckily abah got the idea to ask Aman comes home and send him back to Raudhah on the way to Kajang. As Aman arrived, we were still not ready... heheh. Finally abah sent Aman.

We went to Kajang around 11.45. It was so late, the office might close during the lunch hour. So we headed to Syabas first to settle the account of the old quarters. We  reached there about half an hour later. There were'nt many customers but we had to fill up two forms in order to terminate the account. Then, mom had to pay the balance of the bill. We settle everything at about 1.00 o'clock. Since it was nearly Zohor, we went to the mosque.

About 2.00 we went to PPD. I thought the office was just about to open. Apparently many parents were already there. I waited for more than an hour and at the same time hungry. We haven't had our lunch yet. Doesn't matter, Tesco is just across the road. Around quarter past three we went there to had our lunch+tea and the most important thing is to do some shopping...hihi...

We took "nasi campur" and a mug of hot milo. Well, it's not tea. Then we started to shop. Soo many stuffs until the car boot was full. Oo..is it? Hihi... just exaggerate. We went home around 5.00. On the way back we had to fetch Irah from her hostel. Yesterday was the last day for her SPM. Well, best of luck to her. We got home at 5.30 and everybody was fine especially Thurayya. Sitting on my sister's lap after crying for quite sometime. I thought so....


  1. miahaha...aku dpt bayangkn mcm mne yaya kena tinggal...mak dia pg dapor pon dh nangis, ini kan pg PPD..hehe. nasib dia ade 2 kakak yg baik..(mmg baik pon)hehe..msti makcik2 dia dh buli dia la tu...

  2. hehe... nangis sambil panggil "maaakkk"....

  3. huhu...mmg sedih. aku xsampai hati kalo tgk yaya nangis..sbb dia sgt halus..keh3.. tp kalo hajar mmg aku xkesah...gaduh ngn huda pon dia yg nangis..hehe