11 December 2010

In The House

I woke up at 4 in the morning since I slept so early the night before. I also haven't perform Isya' pray yet. After praying I couldn't sleep. I did what I had missed to do . What else... folding the clothes. Something that I cannot do if the little ones are awake. Thurayya will unfold them while Hajar and Huda will help folding the clothes with their way... you know. Kids' skills...

After breakfast I continued with the blog. I think almost everyone in the house have seen it. I showed it to mom. She said the colour is soothing the eyes. Hehehh... okay sisters. Don't be jealous. I just did what I feel like doing it.

The whole day I was just stayed at home, edited the blog, continued reading the novel (which has taken a few days), looked after my little kids, cooked the meals with my sis help but barely eat the food because of my ulser. It is so painful... may Allah lessen the pain and forgive me for all the wrongdoings I have done especially with my mouth.


  1. nnt dabis bace novel tu bleh la buat ulasan sket...itu pon kalo x pening bace..hehe

  2. pening gak aaa.. sebab fantasi sgt... loteh nak ngabihkan... sib baik ada blog ni ha...

  3. ko dh baace adam lum? aku rse adam tu lg best kot dr RF..

  4. baru nk mula baca sbb baru hbs baca rf...